Exhibition Losing the thread

We often notice the past as a time that is far and we live barely looking back; sometimes we do it, only to recall a nice memory. Thoughts and reflections that go beyond our lifes are fewer. Contrary, the future is a temporary vision that we have totally present. In today’s society we are used to project the now to the future. We live looking to tomorrow. But, just like the future is rooted in the present, the foundations of this present are totally fixed in the past. The future, in consequence, starts in the past.

Exhibition Losing the thread in Igartubeiti

This way, now that we tend to disregard the image of yesterday, the exhibition Losing the thread that we present in the Igartubeiti farmhouse, wants to highlight the importance that our past and our inheritance have in our present. In fact, this project offers an opportunity to show the thin relationship that exists between basque history and tradition and some contemporary creative projects, providing at the same time a chance to reflect on the present from another point of view.

Even if the main idea of Losing the thread has been the recognition and visibility of the actual textile art, this special content allows an introduction of it from a new perspective: in one hand, it witness and highlights the relation between the exposed works with the past, but also, manages to show the presence and importance that the Igartubeit farmhouse -representative of history and tradition- has not only in the present but also in the future.

…In addition, the exhibition includes a collection of pieces related to the textile world that come from the Regional Council of Gipuzkoa, kept in Gordailua, Gipuzkoa’s Centre of Cultural Movable Heritage. We can find in the pieces tools like: spinning wheels, scutchers and spindles.

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Exhibition Losing the thread