AREAGO, audio-guided walks around Igartubeiti

Heritage/ Art/ Technology

Start: 2012

Process: ongoing.

In cooperation with Fábricas de Creación, the Basque Government, Audiolab elkartea, cultural & artistic association and the Urretxu Hostel.


Areago is a contemporary, multidisciplinary look at out heritage; a cross between heritage, art and technology that investigates new ways of interpreting our heritage through the production of a new discourse based on contemporary culture and creativity.

What does it set out to do?

The project provides a system of audio-guides installed on 4G smartphones equipped with GPS technology as an aid in exploring the area outside the Igartubeiti farmhouse.

How does it work?

The use of new, geo-location technology is integrated into the heritage objects at Igartubeiti. Art, music, song and sounds are blended into interaction with the surroundings to build up a story that is somewhere between a soundscape and an experimental narrative.

These “audio-guided walks” around Igartubeiti are based on scripts written specifically for the Museum by members of cultural associations including Arantza Iturbe (audio link), Maialen Lujanbio (audio link) and Harkaitz Cano.

How do I use it?

Mobiles for use with these audio-guided walks can be borrowed free of charge from the Museum.


The first story, written by Maialen Lujanbio, takes visitors on a walk around the farmhouse, where a number of songs are hidden in which its inhabitants tell a story about their daily lives during the cider-making season.

The second story, written by Arantza Iturbe, is a fictional account inspired by the Igartubeiti farmhouse concerning four runaways, each with their own personal story to tell.