The Culture of Work

Heritage/Ethnography/Active Education

Start date: 2014

Process: ongoing.

Next activity: September 2015

In cooperation with Ezkio-Itsaso Municipal Council, Yartu elkartea, Gordailua.


The main aim of this project is to show traditional tasks and jobs to the latest generations of farmers who make up our local culture.

Basque farmhouses have always been the setting for hard work: livestock were kept and crops restored in a single, compact building. A great many objects required to meet the basic necessities of the families who lived in them were also produced on site at each farmhouse.

These valuable skills, technologies and areas of expertise came together to form a particular way of working, organising space and developing specific tools and techniques. They left their mark on the landscape, affecting both the natural surroundings and the architecture of the area throughout history. The knowledge and wisdom passed down from generation to generation form part of our identity and our collective memory.

This project was commenced in September 2014 with the cycle of events entitled “Working with Flax”. Forthcoming topics include corn and honey.



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