Urola Garaiko emakumeak landa ingurunean

Intangible heritage/ Oral history/ Active education/ History

Start: 2014

Process: ongoing.

In cooperation with Ezkio-Itsaso Municipal Council, Yartu elkartea, Gattiken & Nerea Aizpurua.

Urola Garaiko emakumeak landa ingurunean is a documentary and audiovisual project that strives to set down the oral history that chronicles the social changes that took place in the first half of the 20th century in the district of Urola Garaia through the stories and experiences of local women.

Women describe their links with the natural environment and with their municipality; how they have lived and how changes in the landscape have affected them. The result is a number of fragments of lives and experiences that provide a window onto a bygone way of life and a style of community living.