The farmhouse and its surroundings

Aimed at: All audiences, including individuals and groups

Contents: Participants set up the pieces (flocks of sheep, orchards, oak trees, pine trees, charcoal burners, lime burners, factories, farmhouses, bell towers, etc) on the interactive model by playing a number of games: question-and-answer, Pictionary, tests, etc.

Subject area: Natural science, history of the Basque Country, the rural landscape, changes in the rural environment.

Method: Participants work individually or in groups on challenges set to ensure the survival of the farmhouse.


The vegetable garden

Aimed at: Groups of all types.

Contents: Understanding the importance of the vegetable garden in the diet of farming people, observing how an organic, bio-dynamic vegetable garden works and learning about medicinal herbs.

Subject area: The rural landscape, changes in the rural environment, introduction to corn, biodiversity.


  • The Igartubeiti farmhouse: guided tour of the kitchen and vegetable garden
  • Analysis of changes over time in diet based on the vegetable garden at Igartubeiti.


anim_tailerrak baratza


Traditional rural sports

Aimed at: Children aged 6 to 12

Contents: The connection between farm work and traditional rural sports.

Subject area: Entertainment, popular culture, sports

Materials: Implements used in rural sports

Method: Participants help in farm work such as fetching milk, taking corn to the mill, collecting and de-husking corn cobs, pulling carts, etc.


Farm animals

Aimed at: Children aged 8 to 12

Contents: Animals, their work and the benefits obtained from them

Subject area: Families of animals, foodstuffs


  • Visit to the stables of the Igartubeiti farmhouse
  • Question-and-answer game on animals and their families

Play like our grandparents

Aimed at: Children aged 6 to 12

Contents: Learn how played and enjoyed leisure our grandparents 

Subject area: Entertainment and leisure

Method: the children will play like their grandparents.  

 Igartubeiti's gynkhana

Aimed at: Primary and secondary Education groups

Contents: Transmitted during the visit

Subject area: knowledge of environment, history of the Basque country..

Method: Reviewing the contents worked through cooperative games

Making biscuits

Aimed at: Children of all ages.

Contents: Making biscuits. The concept of environmental education taught through the making of home-made biscuits.

Subject area: Environmental education, organic farming.

Method: Participants listen to explanations and follow the recipe.


Gaileta ekologikoak egiten Igartubeitin