The educational programme at Igartubeiti involves activities and explanations based on the idea of the Museum as a lifelong learning centre.

Haurrak tailerrean Igartubeitin

Starting from a broad vision of local heritage (cultural, natural and intangible), emphasis is given to the importance of dialogue and active observation of one’s surroundings.

The project is being continually updated, and is open to anyone who wishes to participate. It is aimed at audiences of all types, from schoolchildren to families, adults, children and the elderly.

It features visits, activities, cultural projects, seminars and other educational material.

Gazteak Igartubeitiko tailerrean

Work areas:

  • Autochthonous culture: traditions, customs, trades, examples of local culture, history.
  • The Basque language
  • Nature, landscape, territory.
  • Oral history, memory.

Thematic areas:

  • The world of farmhouses: human relations and customs. Farmhouses as a pattern for the settlement of a territory. Links with towns.
  • Landscape: the links between human beings and nature.
    • Woodlands and architecture
    • Woodlands and daily life
    • Natural medicine
    • Food
  • Farmhouse architecture and its development
  • Local historical remembrance