The organic vegetable garden

The vegetable garden at Igartubeiti changes from season to season, following the patterns of nature. No chemicals that could potentially harm the natural environment are used on it.

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Manure and organic matter is composted for re-use and the phases of the moon are checked to see when the best time for each job is. This is an organic garden intended to help care for nature and for our bodies.

Along with vegetables the garden is also planted with fruit trees, bushes and used to grow mushrooms. It can thus be used as a learning centre for children and adults alike, to explain to them where the food that we eat comes from.

Apple trees have also been planted, and if we are lucky and they produce a good crop this year we will make cider from them using the press in the farmhouse.

The under-roof storage space at Igartubeiti is well-stocked for the winter with pears, quinces, plums, walnuts, hazelnuts, etc.


A special mention must also be given to the medicinal plants that grow around the vegetable garden: mallow, plantain, verbena, plants used to dress cuts, etc. If necessary they can be used as a natural first-aid kit.